Average EKG Technician Pay Scale 2023: Salaries by State and Region

As an EKG technician, or if you’re thinking of entering this career field, there is great job demand and attractive salaries due to the increased need for cardiovascular care with our growing population. We’ll discuss in detail the average pay rate for these technicians, influencing factors such as geography and industry that determine wages plus how individuals can raise their earning potential. Let’s get started!

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EKG Technician Salary Overview

EKG technicians are important to the healthcare system, and their median salary of $63,020 per year is reflective of that. Job openings for EKG technicians are expected to increase by 8% in the upcoming decade according to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics data, making it a viable job option. Salaries can vary greatly from as little as $29,910 up to over $98,070 depending on factors such as education level achieved or work experience earned plus other key elements like geographical location which have an influence. Work environment/setting also has a substantial impact on pay grade so this should be taken into account when considering career choices within EKGs.

State-Specific EKG Technician Salaries

The salaries of EKG technicians across the United States can be quite different, with states such as Idaho, the District of Columbia, and Rhode Island being among those offering top pay. Conversely, the most popular states for employing these professionals are Florida, California, and Texas. Here we take a closer look at both situations – highest paying states in terms of salary and which ones have more opportunities available to EKG technicians specifically.

Top-Paying States

EKG technicians are in demand and can receive higher salaries if they look for job opportunities within the highest-paying states. These top-paying locations include Oregon, Rhode Island, Idaho, the District of Columbia, and Alaska with typical annual wages ranging from $39,100 to around $51,300 per year. Taking into account living costs should be taken into consideration when searching for an EKG Technician position as this may affect potential salary amounts.

Highest Employment Levels

The employment of EKG technicians in the states of Florida, California, and Texas is at high levels. In these three locations over 4,000 professionals are employed to operate EKG machines with a 6% growth rate for this job type across all areas within the last five years. This surge can be attributed to healthcare establishments requiring more staff as well as potential career advancement which comes along with higher pay options being available. There has been an observed stability on the market too concerning jobs related to this field such as that of an ekg technician’s position.

Regional Differences in EKG Technician Pay

Salary variations for EKG technicians vary depending on the region, with bigger metropolitan cities like Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, San Jose-Sunnyvale Santa Clara, and San Francisco Oakland Hayward offering higher pay scales. In contrast to these areas of high job rates in urban locations are rural ones such as Middle Georgia, Northeast Mississippi, and North Northeastern Ohio which offer salary increments for EKG professionals too. This article aims to dissect those regional disparities below.

Metropolitan Areas

EKG technicians in metropolitan areas can make different amounts of money depending on their location. In places like Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura and San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, the yearly wages for EKG techs typically range from $39,900 to $52,100 per annum. Meanwhile, salaries at San Francisco (Oakland) Hayward are reported as being around 24 dollars per hour or about 52 thousand seven hundred a year. To top that off New York City and Brooklyn have average hourly pay exceeding the national average rate when it comes to EKGs.

Non-metropolitan Areas

EKG technicians considering job opportunities in nonmetropolitan areas should look into Middle Georgia, Northeast Mississippi, and North Northeastern Ohio for high employment. The average hourly wage of an EKG technician located in the Middle Georgia area is $22.18 which equates to a yearly salary of around $46,140 while those found North can expect slightly more at $24.01 per hour on average. Unfortunately, the same data regarding pay rates isn’t available for Northeast Mississippi yet so individuals interested may need to research Or contact local employers about rates there specifically.

Work Environment and EKG Technician Salaries

EKG Technicians receive different salaries based on the industry they are employed in. Some of these top industries include General Medical and Surgical Hospitals, Offices of Physicians, Outpatient Care Centers as well as Diagnostic Laboratories which all offer competitive pay to EKG personnel. To better understand what kind of salary an EKG Technician can expect from working in any one particular industry we will need to examine it For a clearer understanding.

Boosting Your EKG Technician Salary

An EKG technician’s salary can be boosted by implementing a few strategies. These include obtaining certification, participating in continuing education related to the field of EKGs, negotiating pay and benefits with employers, or working extra hours for overtime shift differentials. All these methods have the potential to significantly increase an EKG tech’s earnings over time. If possible it is wise for technicians specializing in this area to take courses that expand their knowledge of new techniques which could lead to greater recognition within the profession thus furthering one’s career path as well as boosting salaries beyond base levels.


EKG technicians are highly valued in the healthcare sector, and their salaries reflect this. Education level, work experience, certification status, workplace location, and environment all influence a technician’s earnings potential. Obtaining additional certifications or educational qualifications as well as negotiating salary benefits alongside potentially working overtime hours can boost income for EKG technicians across various locations to ensure they enjoy rewarding careers with good pay rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest-paid EKG technician?

EKG Technicians can expect to earn an average of $60,570 annually or approximately $47.15 per hour, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who work in North Dakota, Oregon, and Illinois boast the highest salaries while those at UC Merced are among those with top-earning potentials – up to a maximum salary rate of around $98,070 each year/hourly rate included! The lowest 10 percent Earned less than

$29,910 yearly which is quite lower compared with the median pay recorded above.

How much do EKG technicians make in Delaware?

EKG technicians in Delaware have an average yearly income of $58,574 which is 24% above the national level. The range for salaries goes from $33,000 up to a maximum of close to 58k at the 75th percentile point for this type of profession. EKG stands out as one field where the mean salary comfortably surpasses that found across all other areas on a nationwide basis.

What state pays the most for EKG tech?

EKG techs have the potential to earn some of the highest salaries in their field, with North Dakota leading as an example with a mean annual salary of $47,136. California, Florida, and Texas pay less but still offer attractive wages for EKG technicians between $30, 96k per year. New York completes the list of states that provide good-paying jobs within this profession by presenting competitive salaries.

How much does an EKG tech make in Mississippi?

The average salary per year for EKG Technicians in Mississippi is around $64,223 gross annually or an hourly wage of approximately $31. This rate applies to those working with EKGs specifically.

What is the median salary for EKG technicians in the United States?

In the United States, EKG technicians earn a median salary of $25.35 per hour, amounting to an average yearly pay rate of around $63,020.

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