How to Become an EKG Technician in Wyoming

EKG technicians (also known as ECG technicians) are medical workers who play an important role in supporting patient health. They do so by using specialized machinery to conduct cardiac tests called electrocardiograms. Doctors may order an EKG test for any patient who shows signs of certain heart problems.

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It takes a considerable amount of knowledge to use an EKG machine. However, once you gain this knowledge, you stand a good chance of finding employment. You also stand a good chance of making a substantial income. If you live in Wyoming, the information in this article will help you decide if employment as an EKG tech is a good option for you.

How Are Wyoming’s EKG Technicians Regulated?

Before you do anything else, you should probably learn what’s expected of EKG techs in Wyoming. That includes the legal requirements you must fulfill in order to work. One important thing to note is that Wyoming does not mandate licensing for its EKG technicians. This fact poses a stark contrast to the strict licensing requirements for nurses and doctors.

So if there is no licensing, how does the state regulate EKG techs? After all, all healthcare workers must receive some kind of oversight. As it turns out, Wyoming follows a pattern that’s common to most states. Namely, it puts registered nurses in charge of EKG technicians in the typical workplace. These nurses provide supervision as well as the delegated authority to perform an EKG test.

Is There a Predetermined Training Standard?

All competent EKG technicians must possess a range of skills. The list of these essential capabilities includes:

  • Knowing how to operate today’s sophisticated EKG machines
  • Understanding human anatomy, physiology and basic heart function
  • Learning the signs of heart malfunctions called arrhythmias
  • Using EKG-related medical terminology in appropriate ways
  • Interacting with patients while protecting their privacy rights

Since all techs must know these things, you might think Wyoming would have a statewide training standard in place. But this is not the case. Like the majority of states, it lets each healthcare facility determine its own hiring standards. In some cases, these standards may be pretty bare-boned and allow for the hiring of people with no prior experience. However, other facilities may only accept applications from candidates who are either:

  • Specifically trained in EKG-related topics
  • Familiar with the work expectations in a modern healthcare environment

Where Can You Get Trained?

If you live in Wyoming, there are multiple ways of getting trained as an EKG technician. Providers you may want to consider include:

  • Laramie County Community College – LCCC folds EKG training into a larger program for clinical medical assistants. Completion of this program prepares you to hold multiple job titles in a healthcare facility.
  • ECG Academy – ECG Academy is an online provider. It offers several training options for would-be and working EKG technicians. You can start your training for free through an introductory membership.

Income Potential for Wyoming EKG Technicians

In Wyoming, the average annual salary is $79,020, with the lowest 10% earning $42,110 or less and the highest 10% earning $104,380 or more. Nationally, the average salary is $66,170, with the lowest 10% earning $36,620 or less and the highest 10% earning $105,140 or more. This data highlights the differences in wages between Wyoming and the national average, and it also breaks down salaries by percentiles for further detail.

National vs. Local Salaries

Location Average Salary 10% Earn Less Than 10% Earn More Than
United States $66,170 $36,620 $105,140
Wyoming $79,020 $42,110 $104,380

Salaries and Percentiles by Region

Region 10% Earn Less Than 25% Earn Less Than Median Salary 75% Earn More Than 10% Earn More Than
United States $36,620 $44,160 $66,170 $85,930 $105,140
Wyoming $42,110 $51,110 $79,020 $95,330 $104,380
Fort Collins, CO $38,500 $47,400 $84,390 $102,210 $106,450

EKG TechnicianTrends in Wyoming

In Wyoming, there were 50 employees in 2020, projected to grow to 60 by 2030, representing a 20% increase, with 10 annual job openings. Nationally, there were 58,900 employees in 2022, projected to grow to 61,100 by 2032, a 4% increase, with 3,900 annual job openings.

Table of the Data

Location Year Employment Projected Employment Growth Annual Job Openings
Wyoming 2020 50 60 20% 10
United States 2022 58,900 61,100 4% 3,900
Source of data:
  • Wyoming source: Projections Central 2020-2030 long-term projections.
  • United States source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022-2032 employment projections.

Job Stability for EKG Techs

If you put time into training for a career, you will certainly hope to find stable employment as a reward for your effort. Fortunately, this kind of job stability is the norm for America’s EKG technicians. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find an employment category that will provide more opportunity for growth in the foreseeable future.