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Are you looking for a career helping others that’s rewarding and doesn’t require lengthy schooling? Are you interested in healthcare and hate the thought of sitting at a desk all day? Consider becoming anEKG technician.

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In this role, you’ll work closely with doctors and nurses. You’ll be specially trained to run cardiovascular tests including the electrocardiogram (EKG), a test that can provide important information on heart health. You’ll explain procedures to patients, operate and maintain equipment and provide test results to doctors.

EKG Technician Requirements in New Mexico

A high school diploma or the equivalent is almost always required as a prerequisite to enrolling in an EKG training program, including those in New Mexico. Certificate programs can usually be completed in less than a year.

To work as an EKG tech, you should be a detail-oriented person with good communication skills and good hand-eye coordination. You may be expected to pass a drug test or a criminal background check or both.

Training Programs to Become a New Mexico EKG Technician

Training programs for New Mexico EKG technicians typically offer instruction in a classroom setting along with hands-on experience. Students may learn subjects such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, medical ethics, lead placement and EKG interpretation.

Examples of EKG technician training programs in the state include:

  • Dona Ana Community College. Located in La Cruces, NM, this community college offers an Electrocardiogram Technician course that can be completed in one semester. Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology is a prerequisite of the course. Students learn to connect leads to a patient and operate an EKG machine. Upon completion of the program, they are prepared to take the certification exam through National Healthcareer Association.
  • Universal Health Training Institute. This EKG technician program in Albuquerque gives students training on operating and adjusting EKG heart monitors and understanding results. Training also includes Holter monitoring and stress testing.

Do EKG Technicians Need Certification in New Mexico?

Most employers prefer candidates who have passed a national certification exam, even though certification isn’t a requirement of the state of New Mexico. Completing a formal training program and passing a certification exam is a way to demonstrate your knowledge and commitment to the field.

Certification options include:

EKG Technicians Salary and Employment Outlook in New Mexico

In New Mexico, the average annual salary is $40,240, with the lowest 10% earning $33,260 or less and the highest 10% earning $95,570 or more. Nationally, the average salary is $66,170, with the lowest 10% earning $36,620 or less and the highest 10% earning $105,140 or more. Hourly wage comparisons show New Mexico’s average hourly wage is lower than the national average.

National vs. Local Salaries

Location Average Salary 10% Earn Less Than 10% Earn More Than
United States $66,170 $36,620 $105,140
New Mexico $40,240 $33,260 $95,570

Salaries and Percentiles by Region

Region 10% Earn Less Than 25% Earn Less Than Median Salary 75% Earn More Than 10% Earn More Than
United States $36,620 $44,160 $66,170 $85,930 $105,140
New Mexico $33,260 $37,130 $40,240 $62,680 $95,570

EKG TechnicianTrends in New Mexico

In New Mexico, there were 440 employees in 2020, projected to grow to 500 by 2030, representing a 14% increase, with 40 annual job openings. Nationally, there were 58,900 employees in 2022, projected to grow to 61,100 by 2032, a 4% increase, with 3,900 annual job openings.

Table of the Data

Location Year Employment Projected Employment Growth Annual Job Openings
New Mexico 2020 440 500 14% 40
United States 2022 58,900 61,100 4% 3,900
Source of data:
  • New Mexico source: Projections Central 2020-2030 long-term projections.
  • United States source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022-2032 employment projections.

Working as an EKG Technician in New Mexico

As an EKG technician, you’ll work closely with patients. You’ll need to be compassionate and attentive to any questions or concerns they may have. Good listening skills and good communications skills are also important for EKG techs. In some settings, you may be required to stand for long periods of time, or you may have to help turn patients who have mobility issues, so good physical stamina can be very helpful for this career.

The largest number of EKG technicians work in hospitals, but you may also find opportunities in cardiologists’ offices, diagnostic facilities or outpatient centers. Some settings may require working nights and weekends. Your skills will be in demand all over the state of New Mexico, especially in cities such as Albuquerque and Las Cruces.

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