How to Become an EKG Technician in Maine

Electrocardiographs, or EKGs, are procedures that use electrical activity to monitor the health of the human heart. You’ll see these procedures performed everywhere from surgical centers and hospitals to cardiac care facilities. In all of these settings, personnel called EKG technicians play a central role in recording electrocardiographs.

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Want to learn how to work as an EKG technician in Maine? This brief article will help you understand the state’s requirements for these medical workers. It will also give you tips on where to get the training needed to perform EKG procedures.

Guidelines for Maine EKG Technicians

To work legally as an EKG tech in Maine, you must follow the state’s guidelines for this employment category. One important thing to know is that Maine doesn’t require you to get a license to do your job. Why is this true? EKG technicians don’t carry the same authority as nurses or doctors. They can’t decide who needs an electrocardiograph. They also can’t decide when to administer an electrocardiograph.

Who makes these decisions? As a rule, doctors determine when an EKG test is needed, then pass this information on to nurses. Nurses then relay doctors’ orders to electrocardiograph technicians. Since these techs only work in conditions established by licensed medical professionals, they don’t need to have licenses themselves. Like many states, Maine classifies EKG technicians and others working in similar circumstances as unlicensed assistive personnel.

What Are Maine’s Training Standards?

In addition to lacking statewide licensing for EKG techs, Maine lacks a statewide training standard for these workers. Technically, all you need to apply for an open job is to be 18 years or older and show proof of a high school-level education. This minimum standard may actually get you in the door at some of Maine’s medical facilities. However, it’s a good idea to expect more rigorous employment standards.

Why? Some facilities will only give you serious consideration if you have some sort of previous healthcare-related experience. You can get this experience on the job while working in a hospital or other facility. Or, as a substitute for this kind of background, you can sign up for training program for EKG technicians.

Where to Seek EKG Technician Training

Some states don’t provide many options for in-person EKG tech training. For better or worse, that’s the case in Maine. However, with today’s widespread Internet availability, you can always find training programs online. Your choices for online training include organizations such as:

  • Northeast Technical Institute – This is Maine’s major in-state option for EKG tech training. It combines this training with the skills needed to work as a blood-draw specialist or phlebotomist. NTI has locations in Scarborough, Bangor and Auburn.
  • National Association of Health Careers and Education – NAHCE offers two online, EKG-related courses. The first course focuses on the ins and outs of electrocardiography. The second provides supporting education on the workings of the cardiovascular system. Graduates of these courses can sit for a national certification test.
  • ACLS Training Center – This online training source offers a program that covers two topics. The main course covers the steps needed to perform an electrocardiograph procedure. In addition, you can learn how to interpret heartbeat irregularities, or arrythmias.

What Can You Earn as a Maine EKG Technician?

Cardiovascular technologists and technicians in Maine earn significantly more than the national average. The data shows that the average annual salary for these professionals in Maine is $74,990, compared to the national average of $66,170. The wage distribution within the state indicates that the earnings are higher at every percentile compared to the national figures, reflecting favorable economic conditions and demand for these professionals in Maine.

National vs. Maine Salaries:

Location 10th Percentile 25th Percentile Median (50th Percentile) 75th Percentile 90th Percentile
United States $36,620 $44,160 $66,170 $85,930 $105,140
Maine $40,570 $52,920 $74,990 $86,110 $105,750

EKG TechnicianTrends in Maine

The employment trends for cardiovascular technologists and technicians in Maine indicate no growth over the decade from 2020 to 2030. In 2020, there were 190 individuals employed in this occupation in Maine, and this number is projected to remain the same by 2030, reflecting a 0% growth rate. However, there are expected to be about 10 job openings annually during this period, which includes positions due to both growth and replacement needs.

Nationally, the employment for cardiovascular technologists and technicians was 58,900 in 2022, with a projected increase to 61,100 by 2032, indicating a 4% growth rate. The average annual job openings nationally are projected to be around 3,900.

Table of the Data

Location Employment (2020/2022) Projected Employment (2030/2032) Projected Growth (%) Projected Annual Job Openings
Maine 190 (2020) 190 (2030) 0% 10
United States 58,900 (2022) 61,100 (2032) 4% 3,900
Source of data:
  • Maine source: Projections Central 2020-2030 long-term projections.
  • United States source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2022-2032 employment projections.

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